Even Little Saints See the Face of God: St. Servulus, Tiny Tim, and the Nativity

Servulus is truly an admirable model of heroic virtue.  In spite of a lifetime of constant suffering, he was filled with gratitude to his Creator, and was completely devoted to Him, as signified by his name (Servulus means “little slave”). Moreover, despite his own absolute poverty, he was keenly aware of the need of others.

12th Day of Christmas: The Christmas Tree Points to Christ 

Merry Christmas on this, the 12th Day of Christmas!     Today is the last of my daily “Twelve Days of Christmas” posts. While today doesn’t mark the end of the Official Christmas Season®, we are nearing its end.  In an earlier post I described the season as a series of ripples emanating from Christmas Day with decreasing […]

10th Day of Christmas: The Christ Child and St. Genevieve

Merry Christmas!  Today is the 10th Day of Christmas, as we continue to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Creator as a little human child. It is helpful when we think about the meaning of  the Nativity to remember that our ancestors generally did not fully share our sentimentality towards children.  

7th Day of Christmas: What Exactly is The Christmas Season?

There are some people who don’t see the point of all this complexity: why not just celebrate Christmas and be done with it?  But the Liturgical Calendar is not just about commemorating past events: it’s about experiencing the events of Salvation History in our own lives.