God’s Strong Hand and The Presentation

God’s Strong Hand 2 February 2023 The Presentation  Today in the secular world (at least in the United States) we observe the venerable tradition of Groundhog Day.  This event involves allowing an earth-dwelling rodent to forecast our weather for the next few weeks. It’s just a fun bit of nonsense, and yet our media outlets pay […]

12th Day of Christmas – The Christmas Tree Points to Christ 

The Christmas Tree, 5 January 2023 12th Day of Christmas Merry Christmas on this, the 12th Day of Christmas!  Today is the last of my daily “Twelve Days of Christmas” posts. While today doesn’t mark the end of the Official Christmas Season, we are nearing its end.  In an earlier post, I described the season as […]

7th Day of Christmas – Christmas is Just Beginning

Are You Sure It’s Just Beginning?  Just beginning? Does it seem like it’s just beginning . . . ? Some images never fade. I have a vivid memory of a Christmas years ago, shortly after my return to the Faith. The Christmas tree was literally hurled through the front door on the afternoon of Christmas […]

4th Day of Christmas – Holy Innocents and St. Vincent of Lerins

 It’s not that the power of the Herods, Huns, and other worldly tyrants has had no lasting effect. It’s just that their “power” doesn’t accomplish what they expect.  St. Paul again provides us with the key when he says: “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)