A Thorny Problem: the Body and Blood of Christ

A Thorny Problem     A thorny problem indeed. It’s so hard for us truly to accept that the Infinite God of the Universe could fully inhabit a human body, and be both True God and True Man.  I was often reminded of just how thorny a problem this is for us when I used to […]

Eucharistic Adoration: Sitting at the Feet of the Lord

Most of us can probably identify with Martha: always “worried about many things”, and too distracted to notice the Lord.  Adoration is a great opportunity to give our “inner Martha” a rest and, like Mary, choose “the better part”. After all, what is Eucharistic Adoration, if not watching and listening at the feet of Jesus?

The Bishops, the Politicians, and Abortion: What Would St. John Fisher Do?

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.      The quote above is often attributed to communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.  There is no record of his actually having said it, but it’s widely repeated because it pithily sums up a terrifying truth about the relentlessness of war.  In an age when a large […]

Who’s really “politicizing” the Body of Christ?

   An unusual and unfamiliar expression, “Eucharistic Coherence”, has been showing up on a lot of Catholic websites lately. I’ve written about the abuse of language on more than one occasion in the recent past (here and here, for instance), but this term is not itself abusive, rather it’s intended to expose and correct abuse.  It refers […]

The Christian Cannot Live Without the Eucharist

We need the Eucharist. The Second Person of the Trinity did not simply become man: He suffered as man, died, and was resurrected as man, so that He could share his Divine Life with us. The primary, tangible means with which he does that in this world is through the Holy Eucharist . . . that’s why the early martyrs told their Roman persecutors, “The Christian cannot live without the Eucharist”, that’s why St. Tarcisius gave his life protecting the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ.