The Bishops, the Politicians, and Abortion: What Would St. John Fisher Do?

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.      The quote above is often attributed to communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.  There is no record of his actually having said it, but it’s widely repeated because it pithily sums up a terrifying truth about the relentlessness of war.  In an age when a large […]

Discerning the Body: The Bishops, The Politicians, and The Eucharist

The issue here is not that the politicians in question are politicians per se, it is that that as prominent people they are publicly using their influence to promote things that are gravely sinful. When those responsible for teaching, governing, and sanctifying fail to distinguish the true dimensions of the problem, and fail to govern by allowing those who persist in openly promoting sin to receive communion they are teaching, by their actions, that the Body and Blood of Our Lord is simply not that important.