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Welcome to Spes In Domino (Hope in the Lord). I'm writing this blog as a Catholic layman, husband and father. I spent some time in the secularist wilderness in my youth, but I was brought back to the Faith, and the Church, on the Feast of Conversion of St. Paul three decades ago. I've been working ever since to learn more about the Catholic Faith, and to live it out in my family life and in the world.

This blog is my effort to share what I've experienced and what I've learned about the Catholic, Christian life. I also try to give my readers a glimpse of the vast treasury of Christian art and music that believers in Christ have created over the past two millennia. To learn more about Spes In Domino, read my inaugural post, "Forget the Tech Tyrants, Our Hope is in The Lord."

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Our hope is not in politics, or programs, or policies, or in people . . . our hope is in The Lord:
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