The Reasons for the Season . . . of Advent (1st Sunday)

Mary, heavy with Child, and Joseph are just now leaving Nazareth; the Magi are still far from Bethlehem, doggedly following a strange star in the heavens. Only the still unsuspecting Herod is making merry. There is time yet, so let’s make the most of it.

St. Catherine of Alexandria, Patroness of Modern Women

St. Catherine of Alexandria has a lot to say to such a world as ours.  She puts her trust completely in Jesus Christ, and so she trusts in the gifts he has given her, including her femininity. Therefore, she can be as strong as any man, without surrendering her womanhood.

Christ is King of the Universe . . . and our hearts

     What a fool I was – when the Berlin Wall fell forty years ago, I naively thought that the apotheosis of the state into totalitarian forms of government was fully and finally exposed as an inhuman, deadly fraud. In my innocence, I was sure that all such attempts to put the minutiae of every individual’s […]

Things Old and New: Berthier’s “Laudate Dominum”

     The Twentieth Century is known for many things, but beautiful art, whether in the visual arts or music, is not one of them.  There are nonetheless some lovely creations hidden among the experimental and the transgressive and the deconstructed offerings cluttering the past century.  You can hear one of those sparks of beauty in the clip below:  “Laudate […]