We Are More Than What We Do: St. Joseph the Worker

They say that necessity is the mother of invention but, as today’s feast of St. Joseph the Worker shows us, sometimes measures taken for practical purposes can point to deeper truths.    The memorial of St. Joseph the Worker is a very recent addition to the liturgical calendar. Pope Pius XII, who wanted to present a […]

Merton’s Parable of the Trappists and the Icarians

“. . . the monks had Christ living and working in them by faith, by charity. The monks were united by the Holy Spirit in the peace of God . . . But the Icarians were united only by the frail bonds of an “armed neutrality” of insatiable animal appetites.”

Music for the Easter Season: Regina Caeli, by Gregor Aichinger

The Regina Caeli (“Queen of Heaven”) is a prayer that is closely associated with Easter. We usually recite this prayer instead of the Angelus during the Easter Season, at which time it also serves as the the Marian Antiphon at the end of Compline (Night Prayer). The beautiful musical setting for the Regina Caeli below […]

Catching Flies With Honey: St. Mellitus of Canterbury

There’s an old saying that you catch more flies with a spoonful of honey than you do with a vat of vinegar. That old saw is well illustrated when considering the life of a Saint whom we remember this weekend, St. Mellitus of Canterbury (died April 24th, A.D. 624).  His name, in fact, means “honeyed”.  In his […]

What We Owe to Caesar

Deciding how to balance what we really owe to Caesar with what we owe to God is a perennial issue for a believing Christian.  In the age of Covid and related governmental tomfoolery that question has become, let us say, even more acute.  T

Palestrina: Exultate Deo (Sacred Music for Easter)

One of my goals with this blog is to promote the incredibly rich store of Catholic art, including sacred music, that we have inherited from our forerunners in the Faith.  Regarding sacred music, a few years back when I was teaching in a (more or less) Catholic school I was talking to one of the music […]

Why the Church is not a Granfalloon

The point is that the Church doesn’t exist as a community for the sake of the community itself, it exists to bring us into communion with the Trinitarian God. Even fundamentally good and essential communities such as the family can’t do that.

Aborigines, Atheists, and the Authenticity of the Gospels

    A few years ago I ran across an amazing story (“Ancient Sea Rise Tale Told Accurately For 10,000 Years“) from Scientific American, detailing how aboriginal Australians have preserved, via oral tradition, accurate information about geographical features that have been underwater since the end of the last Ice Age, circa 10,000 years ago. The article is […]

Music for the Easter Season: Pedro Camacho’s Te Deum

I have always appreciated the way the Te Deum does so much so succinctly. In just a few lines we are reminded of the sweep of Salvation History, the Communion of Saints, the Doctrine of the Trinity, the Mission of Jesus Christ from Bethlehem to the New Jerusalem, and all in the form of a joyful song of praise to our God.

Welcome to Mission Territory

So, yes, by all means, let’s keep fighting the political fight, but given the societal trends (and the Gallup data above is just the latest evidence), we can expect the political arena to become increasingly difficult. Long term we need to work on bringing our country back to Christ.