“The Way” To Where, Exactly?

Beware of anyone whose key concept is power. It’s not a problem just for “other people”. Each one of us has our own little “Synodal Way” inside of us. We all have a desire to make our judgments the final word in questions of theology, church governance, and most especially, morals. We want to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: we think we can be like God.

Steyn, Spong, Kempton, and The Passion Of The Christ 2021

Where were you on February 25th, 2004?  Well, we might not remember the exact date, but most of us (except the youngsters) will remember the event.  On this date seventeen years ago Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was released. That year Ash Wednesday fell on the 25th of February, and Gibson intentionally timed the release […]

The Christian Cannot Live Without the Eucharist

We need the Eucharist. The Second Person of the Trinity did not simply become man: He suffered as man, died, and was resurrected as man, so that He could share his Divine Life with us. The primary, tangible means with which he does that in this world is through the Holy Eucharist . . . that’s why the early martyrs told their Roman persecutors, “The Christian cannot live without the Eucharist”, that’s why St. Tarcisius gave his life protecting the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ.

What’s Up With Chocolate and Lent?

The last thing we need is conflicting messages, don’t you think? Especially when it concerns the State of our Souls. Imagine my dismay, then, when I came across two different signs at two different churches telling me to do opposite things to observe Lent. . . . one tells me to give up chocolate, the other says the opposite. Well now, should I or shouldn’t I?

Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day – Fruit of the Same Tree

Whether by chance or design St. Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday often find themselves in close proximity . . . But is there a conflict, really? The coincidence of these two days should not be a problem for us if we hold to the Faith as handed down to us.

“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach

I absolutely love J.S. Bach’s Joy-filled celebration of Jesus Christ’s love for humanity, “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”.  Ash Wednesday is just two days away, so this is my last opportunity to get it in as a Music Monday selection before Lent.       Bach composed this piece in 1723 as a part of his cantata Herz und […]

St. Valentine, Patron of Agape

Here is a saint who gave his life to bring men and women together in the loving bond of Christian marriage, and whose last thought as he faced his own death was directed toward comforting another. What better image to offer in response to the self-indulgent, dehumanizing sexuality that is so prevalent today?

A Smaller, Purer Church?

In reality, all Fr. Ratzinger was doing was looking at social trends, the “signs of the times” (see Matthew 16:3). He saw a society in which Christian belief was becoming less important with, as a consequence, progressively less social advantage to membership. As the advantage diminished and eventually disappeared, the less committed members would move out, and on to something else . . .