Religion, Culture, & Politics

    How important should politics be to a serious Christian? What is the importance of culture? I hit a bit of a hot button last week in my introductory post on this blog when I wrote: I promise to try not to get too caught up in the specifics of politics.  Politics is like the horse in Psalm […]

Evangelizing the Lukewarm?

We can never tell when, or from where, we will find a valuable new discovery. I wrote an earlier version of the post below seven years ago.  It started when I was picking absent-mindedly through some neglected looking books on the shelves of a retreat house. There among the forgotten tomes I found a refreshingly clear […]

Crisis Magazine Has Homer’s Back

I’m just dropping a quick note to let you know about a great article by Paul Krause on the Crisis Magazine website called “Reclaiming Homer”.  Krause shows that the underlying theme of Homer’s Iliad is forgiveness, and demonstrates that, once again, the Cancel Warriors don’t have a clue. Don’t miss it.

Ave Verum Corpus – W.A. Mozart

Ave Verum Corpus (“Hail, True Body”) is a brief chant composed in the 13th century as a meditation on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (I’ve posted the words, In both Latin and English, under the clip below). It has traditionally been sung during the elevation of the Host at Mass. Numerous composers […]

Laudamus Te, by Antonio Vivaldi

One of my purposes with this blog is to share some of the treasures from the enormous deposit of beautiful art and music, especially sacred art and music, that has been handed down to us. Take the delightful duet below, for instance, which was actually composed as a part of the Mass: it is the […]

The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall: The Conversion of Saint Paul

Feast of the conversion of St. Paul: January 25th We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)      Not all falls are the same.      The boxer Robert Fitzsimmons, who was slated to fight the much larger James J. Jeffries in a […]

Don’t Let Them Muffle The Message of Life

   This year’s March for Life in Washington has been cancelled – or perhaps I should say “Cancelled”   – who would have guessed?      The first March for Life was a protest against the notorious U.S. Supreme Court decisions Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton, which together effectively wiped out all state laws restricting abortion. It […]

Forget the Tech Tyrants: Our Hope is in The Lord

Hope in the Lord

Hope in the Lord      Welcome to Spes in Domino (Hope in the Lord). This new blog grew out of my efforts to disengage from the giant communications companies. The Googles, Twitters, etc., seem increasingly intent on squashing any voices that don’t submit to a certain secular and, increasingly, totalitarian social and political perspective. Needless to say, traditional […]

Mozart Mass in C: Gloria

Please take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful sacred music, the “Gloria” from Mozart’s Mass in C.  I particularly recommend  the “Laudamus Te” (starting at 2:40): it absolutely soars.     Mozart himself was a sincere, if imperfect, Catholic who composed c. 60 pieces of sacred music over his short lifetime.  We’ll be hearing from him again on this […]

The Truth Is Pro-Life (Flashback Thursday)

This post was first published January 16th, 2015 on my original blog, Principium et Finis.   “We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins.”  Thus spake Justice Blackmun, writing for the majority in the U.S, Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision in January, 1973.  And so the era of virtually unlimited abortion in the United […]